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Three Things

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Nov 13, 2012

….in other major scandals this week…

1. would you like some waffles, with a side of extramarital relations?

2. the creator of McAfee has been infected by a virus.

3. sex and scandal on Sesame Street.


Nov 1, 2012

(1) remember payphones!

(2) the Dutch government remembered why tourists come to Amsterdam, and it’s not for the boerenkoolstamppot.

(3) French beer is going to get more expensive…oh no! what will the French drink?


Oct 25, 2012

(a literature edition)

1. barrett-browning love letters are some of the most beautiful love letters written in the English language.

2. nabokov explaining why Lolita was nearly impossible to translate into Russian. an amazing commentary on linguistics and also his relationship with two distinct languages.

3. an interesting book, and a prop from Mad Men.


Oct 22, 2012

(1) This is as funny as these presidential debates will ever get. I miss the lockbox.

(2) Biggest news in DC? The south entrance to the Dupont Circle metro has reopened. This is huge. People were discussing this at bars.

(3) Apple patents your finger.


Oct 19, 2012

  1. 14 year old Pakistani girls are bad asses
  2. We live in a world in which a man jumped from space and landed on his feet: Head-cam footage.
  3. Gaussian, anti-Gaussian matrices are useful in stochastic orthogonality… not.

Oct 16, 2012

(1) French President wishes to ban homework. Good idea!

(2) Why alcohol is good for you.

(3) Art thieves abscond with seven paintings in the middle of the night. But how do you sell the hot paintings? The Atlantic weighs in in an interview with a former FBI art crimes expert: “You’re not going to steal a Matisse and a Picasso and a couple of Monets. They don’t go together.”


Oct 12, 2012

(1) New York and Maryland are doing a lot of things together….playing baseball and getting Bloomberg’s money.

(2) HBO is probably filming a movie about this already….called “JP Morgan, a tale of a woman”

(3) Data (are) art.

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